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0823 2S12 T&D Snippets—The Crosscut Sawyer Wolf, Jerry Recreation 2008

0667 2P02 Situational Awareness Exercise for Crosscut Sawyers Wolf, Jerry Safety and Health 2006

0623 2S07 T&D Snippets—Modern vs. Vintage Crosscut Saw Wolf, Jerry Recreation 2006

0523 2320 Field Tests Comparing Modern to Vintage Crosscut Saws Beckley, Bob Recreation 2005

0223 2330P Crosscut Saw Underbucking Tool Whitlock, Chuck; Harding, Chuck Recreation 2002

0223 2324P Crosscut Saw Tooth-Setting Tool Beckley, Bob Recreation 2002

9723 2341 Crosscut Saw Guards   Recreation 1997

7771 2508 Crosscut Saw Manual Miller, Warren Engineering, Recreation 1977

0523 2815 New Tools for Old Saws Beckley, Bob Recreation 2005

USFS Tech Tip, Use the Right Citrus-Based Cleaning Products to Avoid Corrosion or Rust

Packing a Crosscut Saw

Axle handle style crosscut underbucker tool

Home Made Underbucker Details

Crosscutting - Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness History Project - Photos and Podcast with Warren Miller

Chapman's Sharp Crosscut Saws Saw care info and other support information

Crosscut Saw Sharpening Recourses