Crosscut Saw Sharpening References


Crosscut Saw Manual
The best single source for how to sharpen your crosscut saw.  Explains how to use and care for a crosscut saw, including cleaning, straightening, jointing, fitting rakers, pointing up cutter teeth, setting teeth, and testing the saw.

The Crosscut Saw Filer - DVD by Warren Miller - DVD/video on sharpening crosscut saws from USFS, Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC)

Ninemile Wildlands Training Center (NWTC)
USFS Training Center, Lolo National Forest, Montana,  Holds week long
Crosscut Saw Maintenance and Sharpening courses that are open to the public.

New Tools for Old Saws - Crosscut Saw Tools  
Detailed plans for saw sharpening tools including a freestanding saw vise. From USFS,
Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC)

'How I sharpen a crosscut saw' -  A video by Dan Dueweke
 A good overall how to video with an emphasis on smaller saws  
An Online Forum
Dedicated to Crosscut Sawyers, Filers, Collectors and Enthusiasts!

Homemade Dial Indicating Tooth Set Gauge
Easy to make, Inexpensive and Handy

A modified Morin gauge with a dial indicating raker gauge
Takes the guess work out of the normal hit and miss process

A Modified BallPeen Swaging Hammer
Better then the vintage originals

The Badly Rusted and Pitted Crosscut Saw, Will it Cut Again? 
A video

From Junk to a Usable Tool - A Reconditioned Crosscut Saw
Some things that are normally not included in “normal” saw service includes a way to deal with pitted cutters to get a clean sharp cutting surface, procedures to set very hard brittle teeth without risking breaking them off, welding teeth, cracks and the whole saw and punching holes

How a Crosscut Saw Really Cuts

Filing Cutter Teeth - Lighting and Other Considerations
A neat mirror trick but no smoke......

Cutter Teeth Angles - What angles seem to work and How to measure them

Raker fitting and swaging details 

Some ideas on Swaging Rakers
Some things not covered in the Crosscut Saw Manual

A custom made Sloping Filing Plate Raker Gauge
Some filers use this type of raker gauge.  If you are handy, there is enough detail here to make one

Crosscut Saw Tooth-Setting Tool
A USFS designed tooth setting tool - Construction  details - along with suggested settings and tool use. 

Vintage Simonds Sharpening Instructions
What would have came with vintage saws in the day

Instruction and Training by Dolly Chapman
Offers individual training and group workshops, Calpine, California

Crosscut Saw Sharpening Services
A few fillers around the country that sharpen saws


For information the BCHW Saw certification program and how to safely use crosscut saws and chainsaws click here

Other Crosscut Saw Support Information

Click here for few Crosscut Saw related photos

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A look at stresses affecting log bucking

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