BCHW/USFS  Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Certification Program  

There will be a Saw Evaluator / Instructor Saw Class Certification at Bumping Lake on the 8th and 9th of May.  (Note revised date) 

The class  will start at 4 P.M. Gold Creek Restaurant, Highway 410 (18431 WA-410, Naches, WA 98937) .  Contact Tony Karniss for information or to sign up.  

Phone # 360-748-8640, or email  tkarniss@gmail.com

Documents related to the BCHW Certification Program

BCHW Sawyer Certification Program Overview - Revised - Posted 3-11-17  -  PDF

USFS Approval Letter for BCHW  Cooperator Saw Program, Dated Feb 22, 2018  - Posted 9-20-18 -  PDF  

Sawyer Certification Program FAQ's  -  Posted 3-21-18  DOCX

Letter of Agreement Between USFS and BCHW -  Posted Feb 3, 2017

2017 Saw Program Volunteer Updates
- Power Point - Posted  3-10-17 -  PPTX (Power Point File),   HTML ( Web page format)

Comments from Tom Mix on the new National Saw Policy - March 6, 2017 -

National Saw Policy 2358 - July 19, 2016  -  PDF

National Saw Policy Related Documents, Background and FAQ's (Forest Service Link) 

Forest Service  Saw Operations Guide, Version 1.3.2 - Posted Oct 18, 2018 -

FSH 6709.11 – HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE HANDBOOK  (Forest Service Link)

BCHW saw training proposal  -  Posted  3-7-17 

Program authorization memo from USFS National Saw Program Office  Posted 12-5-17  PDF

Current List of BCHW Lead and Saw Instructor/Evaluators PDF File    (Updated 3-24-20)

Sawyer Level and Complexity - Posted 3-7-17 - PDF

OHLEC matrix  (Objective,  Hazards/obstacles,  Leans/binds,  Escape routes,  Cut plan) -  Posted 3-7-17 -

PPE chart  - Posted 5-7-17 -

JHA Chainsaw -  Posted 3-21-17 - PDF

JHA Crosscut Saw - Posted 3-21-17 -

Chainsaw evaluation form - Posted 5-6-18  -

Crosscut saw evaluation form  - Posted 5-6-18

Saw Certification Reporting Form -
MS-Word (Revised June 2017)

Saw Incident Report  Draft - Posted 3-7-17 - PDF

First Aid Kit contents per OSHA  - Posted 3-10-17 - PDF

Emergency Evacuation Plan
No.1 - EEP Checklist
No.2 - BCHW Emergency Evacuation Plan
No.3 - BCHW After Hours Communications
No.4 - USFS After Hours Communications
No.5 - USFS Radio Operation Instructions
No.6 - USFS Radio Channel Chart


USFS Manuals and other support information

Memorandum No. 16-017a ETC Bulletin Fuel Handling_final, Posted Sep 4, 2016

Memorandum No 16-017 Steps for Safe Chainsaw Fuel Handling, Posted Sep 4, 2016

Chain Saw and Crosscut Training Course - Student's Guidebook (Large File, best for quality printing)

Chain Saw and Crosscut Training Course - Student's Guidebook (Smaller single file, fine for online viewing)

Chain Saw and Crosscut Training Course - Instructor's Guidebook (Large File)

Chain Saw and Crosscut Training Course (Smaller Files)

The Crosscut Sawyer Video, This 43 minute video is a companion to the Forest Service "Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course."

Saws That Sing - A USFS Guide to Using Crosscut Saws - Full PDF Document (Large File)

Saws That Sing - A USFS Guide to Using Crosscut Saws  (Smaller Files)

An Ax to Grind - A Practical Ax Manual - Full PDF Document  (Large File)

An Ax to Grind - A Practical Ax Manual (Smaller Files)

Handtools For Trail Work - Part 1 - USDA Forest Service 1999 - 26 minute video on - Crosscuts - Loppers - Digging Tools

Handtools For Trail Work - Part 2 - USDA Forest Service 1999 - 25 minute video on Axes  - Sledge Hammers - Handles and Sharpening

Wildland Fire Chain Saws S-212 Glossary

Wildland Fire Chain Saws S-212 Student Workbook (New 2012 version)

FSH 6709.11  USFS HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE HANDBOOK (See 22.48 for Saw Operations)

OSHA - Required Parts of a Chain Saw

Required Personal Protective Equipment for Chain Saws and Crosscut Saws

Crosscut Saw Sharpening References

Other Crosscut Saw Support information

Chain Saw Instructional Videos

A sample Saw Team Tool Check List

The Sawyers - A 70 year old sawing training film,  Shows good sawing techniques for the crosscut saw.

The Axman - Vintage ax use training video. US Forest Service. Maybe late 1940's

University of Montana Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center http://www.umt.edu/crosscut-sawyer/

Other General Work Party Related Documents 

BCHW Tailgate Safety Briefing - Cover Sheet -  MS Word

BCHW Tailgate Safety Checklist - Work Party LeaderMS Word

BCHW Tailgate Safety Briefing - Work Party Members -  MS Word

FS Radio Operation Instructions -  PDF

Washington State area Forest Service Radio Channel / Frequency chart - MS Excel 

Other Saw Safety Related Information

Stihl MS 461 Chainsaw Recall, 100,000 chainsaws recalled  -  Posted 12-20-19  NEW

Don't use Chainsaw Bow Bars -  Posted 8-21-18

Chain Saw Injuries - What it looks like when things go wrong

Swampers Creep  - Chainsaw Cut to Hand - Posted 9-7-17 - PDF

Tree Barberchairs, Then Strikes Worker - Posted 2 18-17  - A Youtube Video

Pacific Crest Trail Hazard Tree Study - PDF

PCTA Stihl chainsaws experiencing fuel geysers, Posted 5-6-18

Reducing Fuel Geysering; Suspending Stihl Chainsaw Purchases, Posted 5-6-18

New Stihl Fueling Instructions - Posted 10-16-19

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Geysering and the Soter Fuel System (SFS), Posted 10-16-19

Saw Training Incident - Limbing Accident, Posted 5-7-18 - PDF

Mott Canyon Hazard Tree Incident
- Posted 10-24-16 PDF
(Note that the Mott Canyon Hazard Tree Incident may help sawyers to recognize a common hazard but
BCHW sawyers are not certified for tree falling) 

Contractor Falling Fatality- Cottage Grove Ranger District, July 2016 -   MS Word Doc

Rapid Lesson Sharing accident report
- Soberanes Felling Injury - Posted 10-3-2016 PDF

An Incident Investigation Report for a fatal bucking accident -
Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C.  - PDF

See a video of this accident at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRwkL7Nd9ys



Click here for a Crosscut Saw certification/work party at Packwood Lake - May 26, 2012

Click here for photos of the Cougar Flats Campground and American Forks Cabin, Naches Ranger District class - May 2012

Click here for Crosscut Saw photos - Lewis County Chapter's Crosscut gallery
Note: Photos in this gallery were collected over a period of several years and some may not represent totally correct equipment or procedures.